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Bring FR:EIA to Montreal

Many of you were able to watch the Unveiling of FR:EIA the world’s first fascia focused full body plastinate, live in November 2021. If you missed that once in a lifetime opportunity, the video can be viewed here: The Unveiling of FR:EIA

Body Worlds and the Plastinarium have been extremely gracious in offering their support of the Fascial Net Plastination Project (FNPP). Under the direction of Dr. Angelina Whalley, Dr. Vladimir Chereminskiy, Dr. Robert Schleip, Dr. Carla Stecco, John Sharkey MSc, and in collaboration with Fascia Research Society, and others, FNPP has been successful in producing several plastinated fascial pieces including the magnificent FR:EIA.

In an effort to return some of the generosity shown to us, FRS is asking for donations, or the purchase of a special Bring FR:EIA to Montreal Sponsorship, to cover the costs of shipping FR:EIA from Berlin to Montreal and home again to Berlin. The total estimated cost of shipping and customs fees is approximately $11,500 USD based on a recent quote from the freight company Body Worlds uses to ship their exhibits all over the world.

Donations in any amount can be made by clicking the button below

Bring FR:EIA to Montreal Sponsorship $5,000 USD (1) available

100% of revenue from this sponsorship will be applied to the shipping of FR:EIA
  • Sponsor will be the only sponsor on signage in and near the display room
  • Sponsor logo as the only sponsor on special FR:EIA signage located throughout the Congress meeting areas
  • Will receive special recognition on the FRS website
  • Sponsor will be acknowledged and thanked throughout the Congress
  • Includes 1 sponsor exhibit booth on the exhibit floor
  • (Does not include FRC registration as all sponsorship funds will be devoted to freight costs)
If you are interested in becoming the only Bring FR:EIA to Montreal sponsor, please contact the FRS Executive Director here.