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In January 2018, the Fascia Research Society, Somatics Academy, the Plastinarium, and Body Worlds embarked on a new collaborative journey to create the world‘s first, 3D Human Fascia Plastinates. Together, they are creating history as the Fascial Net Plastination Project. Directed by fascia research scientist Robert Schleip, professor of anatomy Carla Stecco, with the assistance of clinical anatomist John Sharkey, the project is taking place in Guben, Germany at the world-famous Plastinarium with director Dr. Vladimir Chereminskiy. The first ten plastinated specimens from this project were exhibited for the first time at the Fifth International Fascia Research Congress in Berlin, Germany, November 14 and 15, 2018 in Fascia in a NEW LIGHT: The Exhibition. Future exhibitions are being planned. The Human Fascial Net Plastination Project is featured in the September/October 2018 issue of Massage & Bodywork magazine on pages 62-71 and 115-118. You can view the entire issue HERE for free in exchange for your name and email. Continuing updates on the project will be added here. So stay tuned!


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Left: Project Director Robert Schleip inspects the iliotibial band of a hurdle-jumping plastinatate in the Plastinarium Exhibit Hall along with clinical anatomist John Sharkey and team member Tracey Mellor. Photo by Rachelle L Clauson. Right: Orthopedic surgeon and professor of human anatomy and movement sciences, Carla Stecco demonstrates insights in the Plastinarum Lab. Photo by Stefan Westerback.