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Dear Fascia Research Society Members. 

Thank you for your continued membership and involvement in the FRS.  At this time, we are working through some extensive transformations for the better of the FRS website and with management of our fantastic society.  In order to keep all data and transactions secure we have temporarily paused the membership payment links on our website as a precaution.  We will communicate with you when we are back on line to collect dues.

Please keep an eye on your email inbox in November for your invitation to participate in the inaugural election of two FRS Board of Director positions.  We are thrilled that leadership roles will be determined by you, the membership of FRS.  

Thank you for your understanding, patience and for being a valued FRS member.


Your Board
Rebecca Pratt
Fabiana Silva
Mark Driscoll
Claire Boucher
Rob Umfress
Robert Schleip